Winners of the Fruit Attraction Innovation Hub Awards unveiled

Mon 16/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

A jury presented Fruit Attraction’s Innovation Hub Fresh Produce award to xEXPRIMIR, while the F&V Industry award went to FMC AGRICULTURAL SOLUTION, and the Sustainability Actions and Commitment award was won by CAPEC, each of whom received €2,000.

In the Fresh Produce category, xEXPRIMIR presented its fresh Julia soups, a totally innovative food concept, with fresh ingredients, without preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

In the Auxiliary Industry category, FMC AGRICULTURAL SOLUTION scooped the prize with its product Verimark, a new broad-spectrum insecticide for greenhouse horticulture to control whiteflies, aphids, thrips, lepidopterans and leafminers with an excellent environmental profile and on auxiliary fauna for drip irrigation applications with an optimised formulation.

And in the Sustainability and Commitment Actions category, CAPEC won for its reuse and recycling of fruit and vegetable plastic boxes.


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