US organic apples land in India

Tue 13/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
organic apples usa

Shipments of organic apples, branded under the Artisan Organic label, have arrived on India’s shores from the US. Mumbai-based Indian importer IG is working in partnership with US grower Stemilt Growers to satisfy the increasing demand for healthy eating among the subcontinent’s middle class. After bananas, apples are India’s second most popular fruit, with around 2.2 million tons of India’s being consumed in 2017, slightly up from the previous year.

The potential for growth in the organic fruit sector is evident given that fruit accounts for 52% of Indians’ total consumption of organic food products. Stemilt is a leading grower-packer-shipper of organic apples, pears, and cherries in the north-west of the US.


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