UNICA’s sales up 44% since beginning of campaign, with over 107 million kilos

Enrique de los Ríos, general director of UNICA, points out that “concentration is more necessary than ever.”
Thu 05/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
UNICA’s sales up 44% since beginning of campaign, with over 107 million kilos

Unica Group has reached a sales volume of more than 107 million kilos since the 2019/20 campaign started on September 1; an increase of 44% compared to the same period of the previous year. The 2018/2019 campaign recorded a 33% increase in sales.

This increase is due, firstly, to the organic growth of existing cooperatives, which have increased their volume by 21%, thanks to the incorporation of new farmers. Secondly, the growth also derives from the incorporation of new cooperatives in the UNICA project: Coopaman, Sunaran, Copisi and Nulexport. The growth contributed by these new entries is 23%.

Within the natural growth of the cooperatives, there is an increase of 13% in organic production, motivated by the increased demand for these products, as well as the commitment of the farmers in the Unica Group

In a complex campaign for agriculture such as the current one, UNICA wishes to highlight the

“urgent need to articulate proposals around large groups that develop better marketing, innovation and effective lobbying on strategic issues such as third countries, water, immigration, etc. with all the actors and especially the administrations, from the local, through the regional and national to the European, and for this the concentration is more necessary than ever. Complaining in a group is fine, but we have to make things happen that we need to happen and there are some of them that depend basically on us,” said de los Ríos.

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