Turkey replaces EU as world’s largest exporter of peaches and nectarines

Yet another unfortunate year for Spanish producers, but better news in France and Greece.
Mon 27/03/2023 by by Richard Wilkinson
Turkey's production and exports of peaches and nectarines

Turkey has emerged as a major player on the global stone fruit scene over the past decade, and has now surpassed the EU as the world’s largest supplier of peaches and nectarines. The country’s modernised orchards are producing 30% more fruit than a decade ago. While peach acreage has contracted slightly in recent times, nectarine acreage has grown to keep the total combined planted area nearly unchanged. Production is forecast to hit a record 940,000 tons in 2022/23, which represents a 19% increase in just five years, according to USDA data. Domestic demand still accounts for most of the volume, but exports have rocketed in the past seven years and are estimated to account for 18% of total production in 2022/23. Turkey now supplies over 20% of global peach and nectarine exports, with the main destination being neighbouring Russia, where over 65% of shipments are sent. But exports are also increasing to its second largest market the EU, as new plantings come online.

While Turkey is very much on the rise, the EU appears to be heading in the opposite direction, following three straight years of weather-ravaged crops, particularly in top producer and exporter Spain. However, total EU output in 2022/23 is estimated to rise to 3.1 million tons, as larger crops in France and Greece more than offset significant losses in Spain. EU exports are expected to fall by 8.5% to 125,000 tons and imports are projected to rise by 16% to 50,000 tons.

Turkey accounts for 20% of global peach and nectarine exports

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