Trops receives “Foods of Spain” award

It is the first time that the same company has received this award in two different categories.
Thu 19/10/2023 by Trops

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods of Spain has recognised Trops in two categories of the Foods of Spain 2023 awards: the first for its contribution to the Food Industry and the second for its work in food internationalisation. José Linares, president of Trops, said: “We are proud that an avocado and mango cooperative can obtain such an important distinction for the agri-food industry as the Food of Spain awards.” He added: “It is the first time that a cooperative has receives this award in two different categories.”

The Foods of Spain Award for the Food Industry is aimed at rewarding the trajectory and actions of food companies that, in a global way, improve and integrate aspects related to production, transformation, marketing and the use of local resources, and the development of sustainability strategies. These awards recognise the work carried out by companies and professionals that distinguish themselves for producing, offering and disseminating quality Spanish foods, contributing to the development of the food sector in a sustainable and efficient way. In this context, the jury recognised Trops’ leading of the national and European market in the production of avocado and mango, in addition to its commitment to technological development and innovation as the basis of its growth and its commitment to the promotion of healthy products. They especially highlighted the firm’s approach for communicating with the final consumer through its own brand, something difficult to develop in the fruit market.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Food Award for Food Internationalisation is aimed at rewarding the efforts of food companies, organisations or associations that access, develop and consolidate their position in the international market. In this context, the jury has valued its trajectory as the main producer and exporter of tropical fruit in Spain, with a recognizable brand in the markets, highlighting its commitment to sustainable production and technological development, not only to improve the profitability of its farms, but also to guarantee its sustainability.


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