Three-quarters of consumers consider environmental concerns when shopping

Thu 20/07/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The role of environmental sustainability in consumer purchasing decisions has gained traction in recent years. According to the latest AECOC Shopperview report, 74% of Spanish consumers consider it important to take environmental criteria into account when choosing which products to purchase. This trend reflects a greater awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices in the field of consumption.

Distribution companies in Spain are responding to this growing concern. According to the Report on Sustainability in Mass Consumption, eight out of 10 distribution companies use recyclable or reusable plastic in their products or processes, and 34% plan to increase their use. In addition, 95% of these companies have measures for the separation or recovery of waste.

However, to achieve a true circular economy, it is necessary to have intermediary packaging waste managers that offer sustainable solutions for the manufacture of new recycled and recyclable packaging. 


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