Third Morocco MENA Berry Conference fully booked

The event was a great success, with 550 delegates from 30 countries, reflecting the strong development of Morocco’s berry sector.
Tue 03/01/2023 by Pierre Escodo
More than 500 delegates attended the Berry Conference on November 9th.

Organised by Greensmile Consulting in partnership with Moroccan authorities and professional organisation Interproberries, the third in-person conference attracted 550 delegates and 34 sponsors from 30 countries. The November 9-10 event, held once again in Agadir, gave leading Mediterranean berry producers and specialists a unique opportunity to discuss technical and commercial issues.

The unstoppable rise of Moroccan berries

Morocco exported 214,000 tons of berries in 2021/22, and has registered annual growth of 10-20% in recent years, as it adds over 200 ha of new blueberries and raspberries each year, while strawberry production remains stable. The new zero-chill raspberry and blueberry varieties represent a true revolution as they provide counter-season production (November to April) on Europe’s doorstep. The main Chilean and Peruvian producers are well aware of the strategic advantage that Morocco enjoys, located only a few days away from European consumers by sea or road. The Hortifrut Group (Atlantic Blue farm) and Surexport (African Red farm) are among the new investors in Morocco, with current blueberry plantation projects of 50-100 ha, aiming to reach 300-500 ha within five years.

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