The first e-pack optimization agency in Barcelona is born

Wed 19/06/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
The first e-pack optimization agency in Barcelona is born

The start-up Optopus focuses on a NEW solution to make the online shopping experience easier for consumers.

E-packs are the most visible part of an online product, and should have the same importance as a regular packaging in the brick and mortar.

Global eCommerce sales are increasing fast, but consumers keep finding obstacles that render shopping experience a difficult task. According to Elogia and IAB’s “Estudio anual de eCommerce 2018”, 59% of online purchases are made from mobile devices. Traditional displays and packagings that are very effective on physical stores are not optimized enough for the small screen. Furthermore, the use of SEO techniques is very common in global search networks, but not in retail meta-engines.

Optopus is the first e-pack optimization agency in Barcelona. It is born with the commitment to offer a solution to both problems: to ensure the right visualization of a product on an online shop, and to make it easier to find on meta search engines. To achieve this goal, Optopus is using the GS1 standardization methodology amongst others. This quality standards are being implemented already in countries like the US, UK or India, but are still embryonic in Spain. This is a dual task that requires both 2D and 3D adaptation design work, usability, and textual content optimization.

The e-pack that DOES show the info

The industry has been using photographs of their real products as e-packs, which do not communicate clearly the info expected by the consumer. It is now that some brands are starting to look for more sophisticated techniques to show their products more efficiently.

Optopus focuses on achieving better visibility and search finesse on the 4 main purchase decision pillars (brand, product, category and size), while protecting the product identity.

ECommerce users are growing in numbers, and so are a lot of brands, who are investing in boosting their sales on the internet, as well as their market share. In fact, a recent study done by the Cambridge University alongside Unilever UK, has detailed how such e-pack optimization practices can boost online sales up to 24%.

Barcelona, a technological and design reference

Optopus has born in Barcelona and is lead by Silvia Aguilar, a retail marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience on the sector, and recently leading many e-pack optimization projects across UK and the USA for major brands.

Is is a slow movement towards consume excellency that is advancing globally. Now all this knowhow has allocated to Barcelona, a city that has hosted both big tech corporations like Facebook, Microsoft or Amazon, but also has become an ecosystem for start-ups that make it one of the most attractive and vibrant cities in the world to work in.

About Optopus

Optopus, the first e-pack optimisation agency in Barcelona, is a start-up that focuses on improving the textual and visual online presence of a product at a moment that sees more and more consumers buying online, specially from mobile devices. To that end, Optopus guarantees the correct visualisation of products sold online and their optimal positioning in e-commerce sites.



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