Territorio Aguacate 2022 attracts record attendance

The first edition of Territorio Avocado in 2018 saw 400 participants, but in its return to a face-to-face format in 2022, the 4th edition welcomed over 2,570 experts, producers, exporters, service providers, researchers and other players in the Hass avocado value chain.
Thu 15/12/2022 by Nadia Venticinque
Territorio Aguacate was organised by Corpohass and Agrilink.
Territorio Aguacate featured over 400 participants at over 70 conferences, attracting more than 2,500 attendees.

The meeting allowed networking and knowledge-generation to project the Colombian fruit to the world as a benchmark of quality, sustainability and competitiveness.

Jorge Enrique Restrepo, executive director of Colombia’s Corporation of Producers and Exporters of Hass avocado said:

Territorio Aguacate is an opportunity to promote this agro-industry, its advantages and the possibilities it offers the country in its pursuit of sustainable development. It is a space in which we meet to work as a team for our sector, learn best practices, share knowledge and prepare to face the challenges of this agribusiness.

You can expect more news for next year.

Corpohass aims to lead the sustainable development of this fruit sector by guiding, promoting and planning production and marketing in national and international markets for the well-being of producers and exporters. With 150 affiliated producers and exporters, it represents 75% of Hass avocado exports from Colombia.

Impact on the economy

Colombia has 3,317 production areas registered for export, totalling 29,236 ha across 16 departments.

It’s estimated there are 54,000 ha planted with Hass Avocado in Colombia. In 2021, there was a 20% growth in exports of this fruit, compared to 2020, with shipments reaching about 97,000 tons, worth approximately US$203.7 million.

The fruit reaches more than 30 destinations in Europe, Asia and America. The United States represents 20% of exports and is gradually establishing itself as the second most important market after the Netherlands. Among the sector’s most important lines of work are the promotional activities carried out by the Colombia Avocado Board, the commission charged with promoting consumption of Colombian fruit in the United States and which is made up of eleven importers, eight exporters, and Corpohass.

In the last five years, seven markets have been opened: the US, Argentina, Japan, China, Peru, South Korea and Chile. Through a range of different initiatives, Corpohass is working tenaciously to promote the certification of more hectares to boost exports to these new markets.

Key figures

Place: Plaza Mayor, Medellín, Colombia

Date: November 23-24

Attendees: +2,570

Academic talks: 24 conferences and 54 Avotalks

Avomatch (business meetings): +500 appointments

Organisers: Corpohass and Agrilink Colombia

Other activities

AvoFuture: 42 companies shared their developments, innovation initiatives, technological tools and resources for promoting efficiency and productivity in the value chain of this agribusiness.

Avotours: 80 attendees participated in field tours in the municipality of Sonsón, Antioquia, to learn first-hand how the Hass avocado ecosystem has evolved and its positive impact on the community.

Avopapers: A space for disseminating articles and scientific studies related to quality, production, yields, marketing and industrialisation.

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