Syngenta Vegetable Seeds new Miniberg™ and SolidRib™ Romaines

Mon 05/10/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds  new « mini-berg » and “solid-ribs” romaines

The new Miniberg™ improves the existing mini Romaine segment. Plants are fitting the latest markets standard requirements, so can be packed in flow-pack units of 2 or 3 pieces, product is already commercial in Spain, UK and Germany. They also bring a triple benefit, of production security for growers in all agronomical conditions, better shelf-life than other romaine varieties, and finally tastier for the consumer. Their stronger leaves are more crunchy, juicy and appetizing. They are fully resistant to downy mildew and tolerant to necrosis and bolting. The Miniberg™ also have a larger harvesting window; the same variety can be cultivated all year long. After successful launching campaign in 2020, commercial introduction will be in full swing in 2021.

SolidRib™ is the other major innovation by Syngenta for the midi romaine lettuce segment. Their « solid-ribs » deliver a more robust and stronger product in fields, including longer shelf-live.

The critical added values of having full ribs is better field stand, no damage during harvest and later handling in the supply chain delivering the best in class packed product from field to shelves. Consumers can enjoy better conservation, crunchy texture and sweet flavour of a Romaine. All value chain stakeholders receive their share of added value: growers, packers/shippers, retailers and consumers.

SolidRib™ varieties are currently introduced in Spain.





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