Sun World launches brand-new grape varieties

Mon 28/03/2022 by Sun World and Richard Wilkinson

Sun World has released two new grape varieties, developed in collaboration with Cornell AgriTech. The varieties offer new flavours for consumers and better growing characteristics for farmers. Sugrafiftytwo, an ultra-early ripening green seedless grape variety with a sweet Muscat flavour and firm crisp texture, and Sugrasixty, a mid-season ripening red variety with large berries and a tropical aroma with overtones of mango, are the result of a thirteen-year collaboration between Cornell AgriTech and Sun World.

Sun World’s said that these new varieties are designed to enable growers around the world to introduce consumer-friendly brand names to be enjoyed by consumers worldwide.

The royalties from marketing these varieties will continue to support the Cornell Grape Breeding and Genetics Program. Sugarfiftytwo and Sugrasixty are the first grape varieties resulting from the partnership, which began in 2009.

The new flavours were developed through crossbreeding at Cornell that took advantage of its collection of germplasm, the genetic material in grapes that controls the expression of certain traits. Although all breeding collections include germplasm, Cornell’s is special. Since 1888, scientists at  Cornell AgriTech have built expertise in breeding table and wine grapes suited to New York state’s climate and grower needs.



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