Sun World announces new red seedless grape brand

Wed 02/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Sun World International has launched a new brand, the Ruby Rush, for its Sugarfifttythree seedless grape variety. Sun World licensed growers are harvesting Ruby Rush grapes this month in the US, Italy, Spain, and Israel. The new varietal brand will be used to identify a range of similar red seedless grape varieties, the first of which is Sugrafiftythree “which offers Sun World growers around the world a sustainable red grape with natural colour development, better yields, less input cost and great post-harvest attributes,” said the company’s table grape breeder Paola Barba.

These grapes are viewed as an ideal replacement for traditional early-season red seedless grapes like Flame Seedless and other red varieties throughout the season. The texture of Ruby Rush is “really crisp, it has a nice crunch to it and it stays crunchy as you eat it. Along with the flavour, you get a really quick burst of sweetness.”

Sun World’s mantra is “innovating boldly, but commercializing carefully,” which is why they are trying to make sure that their varieties are ready when they go to growers, going through all the steps to guarantee that they can go in the ground and offer great characteristics.

The plan for this new brand is to start introducing it, in the next two to three years, to other countries around the world, expanding further than the US, Israel, Spain and Italy. There are additional vineyards being prepared by Sun World licensees in another ten countries.


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