Spanish melon and watermelon consumption recovers in August

Thu 31/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Spain’s melon season has been a rollercoaster so far, starting out with an oversupply, followed by a shortage due to weather destroying over half of the crops. But August has seen a significant upturn in fortunes. 

José Cánovas, president of Melón-Sandía at Proexport and commercial director of Fruca Marketing, said: “In August we are finally seeing a normalisation of the volumes collected in the field and better adjustment to the quantities planned with national and international clients. Supermarkets, importers and wholesalers have been very concerned with the trends of this campaign, but our forecasts have come true and the plantations, both in Murcia and in La Mancha, are now responding to the extreme care shown by the farmers.”

Regarding the production calendar, the rain-induced delays in Castilla-La Mancha should see exports continue until the third week of September.


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