Spain, Morocco and Italy remain key EU watermelon suppliers

Mon 03/07/2023 by María Belén Barbini
A greater commitment to late crops is expected as well as an increase in quality and volume compared to last year.
The "Inicios" campaign invites reflection on how the development of agricultural technology over time has ensured that the melons of "Melones el Abuelo" maintain their original taste.

Spain is the largest supplier of watermelon to the European Union, with exports to the community totalling 524.93 million kilos in 2022. This accounts for 30.75% of all watermelon purchased in the EU. Morocco is now the second supplier by volume, displacing Italy, having sold 270.87 million kilos in 2022 compared to Italy’s volume of 225.82 million kilos.


expects good spring melon and watermelon campaigns

The forecasts of Agroponiente point to a rebound in the production of spring melon and watermelon, with higher quality and volume than last year, due to the fact that the weather has been favourable for this type of crop; there is also a commitment to medium and late crops, given the length of the winter cycles. As for watermelon, the focus is once again on classic varieties of black watermelon, especially seedless, but especially in late crops, given that the positive evolution of the market and prices in the final stretch of the winter segment has meant that horticultural production windows have been extended. The increase in productive area together with the positive weather conditions and the strong prices point to a spring with good results in quality, volume and returns. The forecast for melon is quite similar, with a clear commitment to more traditional products such as Black Melon or Piel de Sapo, which also fits perfectly with the later planting so as to benefit from the good prices during the final stretch of winter. Volume and quality will also grow compared to last year.

“Inicios”, Melones el Abuelo,

the original flavour and essence of melon

Melones el Abuelo launches its campaign to promote the Piel de Sapo melon under the slogan “Inicios” (Beginnings). The initiative is aimed at celebrating the flavour of melon, as well as reflecting on the technological advances in agriculture and, in doing so, evoking memories of the past. This new initiative by Melones el Abuelo is one more example of its commitment to communicating the values it considers fundamental and at the heart of its business philosophy. Also in this campaign, the firm shows its appreciation for the dedication of the farmers in the areas of Almería, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha that produce its melons during the Spanish campaign. “Inicios” includes a series of videos in which farmers of different ages recount first-hand the history of melon cultivation. Through these videos, consumers will be able to discover the evolution of technology within the agricultural sector and how the commitment and passion of farmers contribute to ensuring that flavour is maintained through the ages.

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