Spain leads Europe’s organic fruit and vegetable production

Wed 09/03/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Spain is spearheading Europe’s drive to reach 25% organic farming area by 2030. In Spain, it is the region of Almería that once again dominates, with its companies occupying the top positions in the ranking and generating €900 million in annual turnover.

Murgiverde leads the way with 120,000 tons, followed at a distance by BioCampojoyma (65,000 tons) and BioSabor (40,000 tons).

In the last five years, Spain’s organic area has grown by 37.7% and its operators by 40.5%. The country has 2.4 million hectares, equivalent to 9.7% of national agricultural production. Around 10.5% of this area was for growing fruits and vegetables in 2020, with major growth areas being subtropical fruits and bananas and citrus.


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