South Africa’s grape crop to rise by 8%

Despite industry consolidation resulting in limited expansion, South Africa’s deciduous fruit production is expected to grow marginally as plantings come into production.
Wed 29/11/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The production of table grapes, apples and pears is forecast to grow by 8%, 7% and 2% respectively in 2023/24 based on average yield and normal weather conditions, according to the latest USDA report. South African exports of deciduous fruit in 2023/24 will also increase due to higher production of export quality fruit. 

South Africa gained market access for pears to China since the signing of the food safety protocols in 2021. Domestic consumption of pears and table grapes is expected to decline in 2023/24 due to food inflation pressure on consumers and improved quality which will shift product towards export markets for higher returns. South Africa is self-sufficient in the production of deciduous fruits and only imports small quantities to supply niche markets or to satisfy demand during the off-season when supply is limited. 



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