South African grapes struggle to find buyers

Tue 26/03/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
South African stonefruit targets greater sustainability

South Africa’s grape season is not going well. Despite the efforts of retailers, grape stocks are not sufficiently reduced, due to low demand. By mid-February, most of the supplies could not be sold to cover costs. In addition to the hesitant demand, the supply pressure was increased by quality problems and too short a shelf life. Low-priced actions in the food retail trade (e.g. 1.49 €/kg) could only temporarily create some breathing space. The bottom line is that the customer reach remains below previous years. Also, the shortage of light-coloured, seedless varieties at the end of the season in South Africa changed little. In the meantime, India is fully capable of deliveries, with the arrival of larger arrivals from Chile expected next week. In the case of red seedless table grapes, South Africa remains the main supplier in April. Stronger prices for standard goods are currently generally not in sight.






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