Smaller Chinese apple crop 

Thu 22/06/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The world production of fresh apples 2022/23 is projected to fall by 4.3 million tons, mainly due to losses in China of 78.4 million tons. According to the latest USDA report, exports are estimated to be down by more than 1.0 million tons, due to reduced shipments from China, Iran and Moldova

Chilean production is projected to decline slightly, to 1.0 million tons, as the continued shrinkage in acreage is offset by higher yields stemming from good growing conditions. Lower volumes are expected to reduce exports to 585,000 tons.

Meanwhile, EU production will increase slightly, to 12.8 million tons, thanks to improved production in Poland, as good flowering and pollination have allowed abundant fruit set. The increased Polish production is also attributed to the replacement of old orchards with new, higher-yielding varieties. Despite the increased supply, it is estimated that exports will drop by 100,000 tons, down to 1.1 million. Rising cold storage costs are likely to discourage storage for export and shift higher volumes towards processing.


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