Sichuan orange production to continue expansion

Tue 05/12/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

China’s Sichuan orange production increased by around 15% this year, continuing the upward trend of recent years. As more trees reach fruit-bearing age, production will continue to expand for the next few years. With production area concentrated in Meishan, China’s Sichuan orange season runs from October to April.

Meishan oranges are characterised by their juiciness and thick skin and have met with very good sales and an increasing number of farmers extending their acreage. With government assistance in the form of technical guidance, farmers now have the citrus greening disease under control, thereby drastically lowering the percentage of spoiled fruit.

In 2012, the administration of Danleng County initiated a branding project for its local products, creating an umbrella organic, agricultural brand ‘Daya’.  This brand includes the varieties of orange, Shiranui, Ehime, Kiyomi and Harumi.

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