Rise in citrus prices at origin due to falling supply

Thu 17/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Valencia citrus prices at source are rising due to the decrease in supply expected in the Mediterranean Basin due to adverse weather conditions. While drought is the most determining factor in explaining the decrease in production in other Spanish communities, such as Andalusia, in the case of the Valencian Community, forecasts point to a decrease due to the high temperatures reached in March and April (coinciding with the phases of flowering and fruit set). There was also an unusually cold May and persistent rainfall throughout May and June. In addition, several hail storms caused damage of varying degrees to the fruits. The most pronounced harvest declines are found in satsumas, hybrids and all kinds of oranges.

The first prices of the season issued by the Lonja de Cítricos de Valencia for the main varieties of oranges and mandarins are as follows: Navelina: €0.21-0.30 per kilo, Okitus: €0.29-0.35, Oronules: €0.50-0.67/kg, Marisol: €0.29-0.45/kg, and Clemenules and Orogrande: €0.32-0.40/kg.

This benchmark market, which brings together weekly representatives of producers and marketers operating in the Valencian Community, has launch several key innovations intended to have positive effects for the viability of the sector as a whole. One significant measure is to establish prices in euros per kilo and without VAT included so as to provide “transparency in sales contracts” and “avoid abusive practices.”

The entity has also just launched a more modern website to respond to the information needs of the different agents in the chain. The website allows users to register for free to automatically receive a link to each newsletter. They will also be able to find out the ranges between minimum and maximum prices at source that are agreed on for each variety and at each specific moment of the season, they will be able to carry out comparative studies and access graphs, statistics and current citrus news that allow them to improve decision-making. 


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