Poma de Girona forecasts bumper apple crop despite drought

Wed 30/08/2023 by Poma de Girona - Translation Richard Wilkinson

Producers of the Poma de Girona Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) have forecast a harvest of 88,570 tons this year, similar to last year (88,340 tons). Production remains high for the third consecutive season and this year’s will be the third highest in the last decade, partly due to the increase in production area. The drought in Spain and high temperatures have marked this year’s campaign, but the Girona producers are confident of good calibres and high quality. The low night temperatures of the last few days have facilitated the development of the colouring in bicolour varieties. This year Poma de Girona has exceeded 2,000 hectares of production and the harvest will last until November. 

Poma de Girona is made up of 78 producing families from the companies Girona Fruits, Giropoma Costa Brava and Fructícola Empordà. Poma de Girona cultivates four varieties. Golden will once again lead the way (31,740 tons), followed by Gala (19,240 tons), Granny Smith (14,390 tons) and red varieties (6,030 tons). Other varieties such as Fuji (7,820) and Cripps Pink (6,830 tons) are also grown in Girona.


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