New Sweeki Red kiwifruit hits the market

Thu 10/11/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

After two years of commercial trials, Origine Group has launches its SWEEKI RED kiwifruit, co-branded with the OKiwi variety brand. The fruit (HFR18 red kiwi variety) is characterised by its intense sweetness, a surprisingly balanced tropical flavour and a deep green and red flesh.

Origine Group owns the exclusive production rights throughout Italy. This year’s kiwis have excellent quality characteristics, both in terms of shape and colour, as well as in flavour. For this new product, Origine Group has chosen a sustainable form of packaging with a great visual impact: a honeycomb cardboard box and a cardboard tray with 3 fruits.

“We are convinced that our product has all the outstanding characteristics of the red-fleshed kiwi, starting with an excellent flavour and a very intense colour compared to other varieties,” said director of the Origine Group, Alessandro Zampagna. “Our volumes are still limited, but the investment plan in the field will lead to a progressive increase. With the development of cultivation techniques, its yield will attract other growers.”

Sweeki Red will be aimed at the Italian and European markets, where customers are more attentive to quality and niche products. SWEEKI RED will be available until the end of the year.


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