More favourable conditions expected for Italian kiwi and citrus fruit in China from next year

Wed 31/01/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
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There was a positive outcome to visits by Chinese inspectors from 13 to 19 January to assess cold treatment in Italian factories prior to shipment to China. The visit was coordinated by CSO Italy in partnership with the ICE – Agency and was aimed at promoting Italian companies in China as part of a special loan from the Ministry of Economic Development to facilitate sanitary and phytosanitary inspection missions for opening new markets to Italian food products.

During the week of meetings with Chinese technicians, four “sample” companies showed their entire processing, conditioning and packaging systems, with particular attention being paid to the conservation phase of kiwis and citrus. For the kiwi, the inspectors visited the SALVI / UNACOA plants in Ferrara and AGRINTESA in Castelbolognese (RA). While for citrus fruits, they visited the plants of ORANFRIZER in Scordia and PAIMFUIT in Catania. The visit ended in Rome at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry with the heads of the National Phytosanitary Service.

The inspectors were able to check all the structures and technical equipment used for cold treatment in cells. The inspectors found full compliance with the requirements of the protocols, which even exceeded expectations. The official report will now be sent to the Chinese Ministry. The possibility of cold treatment before departure can facilitate transportation by other means, such as by train or using the Silk Road.

Kiwi exports to China are in excess of 13,000 tons a year. As for citrus fruits, there is great potential for red oranges in the Chinese market.


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