Maison Vialade opens new 10,000m2 factory

Based in Perpignan, the mushroom specialist opened a second factory (in Rivesaltes) for the production of white mushrooms.
Fri 05/05/2023 by Pierre Escodo
Inauguration of the new factory in Rivesaltes industrial area on April 25th
Mushroom assortment of Maison Vialade
Maison Vialade CEO Nicolas Vialade

It represents an investment of €20 million, with the aim of expanding by 4,500 tons annually. The company already runs another factory in Olette with a covered area of 6,500m2, mainly dedicated to organic production (about 1,500 tons). Maison Vialade’s goal is to achieve a turnover of €26 million in 2023 and more than €30 million in 2024 from about 9,000 tons of fresh mushrooms: 4,500 tons of its own production of white varieties and 4,500 tons imported, which include brown mushrooms and specialties like oyster mushrooms,shiitake and portobello, as well wild mushrooms in season (between 300 and 500 tons).

A French market of 90,000 tons

“We should represent about 10% of the French consumption of fresh mushrooms, estimated at around 90,000 annually,” said Nicolas Vialade, CEO of Maison Vialade. About 50% of the volume is imported, with the other 50% locally produced. Organic mushrooms are estimated to account for between 8 and 10% of French consumption, despite mushrooms being considered a very natural product, grown with absolutely no chemicals. The company has also installed solar panels in order to cover most of its electricity needs. “Polish mushrooms are our main competitors, with 30% lower production costs due to cheaper labour,” said Vialade. The firm mainly supplies the discount segment of the market.

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