Luna ucr avocado tree to revolutionise sector

Thu 19/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

At this year’s Fruit Attraction, Eurosemillas presented the first variety of the international platform Green Motion Avocados, a type B flower avocado called LUNA ucr, that will revolutionise the concept of pollinators in this crop. University of California researcher Mary Lu Arpaia said that LUNA ucr produces Hass-type fruits but has higher productivity and is significantly less dense. In addition, it offers better fruit setting and has a similar post-harvest and travel capacity.

Due to the small size of the trees, it allows more intensive plantations, with narrower planting frames, greater efficiency in water use, better yields and therefore higher profitability. Their crown occupies 45% of the space of Hass but offer nearly seven times more productive efficiency (1.6 kg of avocados per cubic metre of canopy compared to 0.23 kg/m3 in the case of Hass).


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