Lehmann Natur expands presence in organic market

Anticipating customer needs and aligning with Germany's goal of 30% organic by 2030 are the main objectives of the German importer.
Mon 18/09/2023 by Pierre Escodo

With enduring worldwide producer partnerships, Lehmann Natur regularly audits and visits its suppliers, in compliance with the new German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. “Its implementation proves to be an advantage and reaffirms the correctness of our actions already in place at Lehmann Natur,” said Sebastian Zeh, head of overseas procurement.

The longstanding lime-producing partner of Colombia is a good example on how Lehmann Nature has consistently expanded import volumes since their collaboration began in 2016. It is a cooperative of nearly 100 small farmers, some of whom are Demeter certified. They also serve as a bolster for the entire region, combining economic, ecological, and social aspects.

“Similarly, in Peru, we collaborate with a partner for ginger and turmeric. In this case, Demeter cultivation is increasing and cultivation areas are being expanded,” said Zeh.

Resilient, climate-friendly and regenerative like permaculture

The current sustainability requirements increasingly highlight that agriculture must be resilient, climate-friendly, regenerative, and productive. In the view of Lehmann Nature, these attributes are embodied by permaculture, a practice that Friedrich Lehmann has been successfully implementing on his Spanish “fincas” for many years. Through techniques such as mixed cropping, humus-rich soils, keyline design, and working with nature, these operations are resilient, resource-efficient, and sustainably productive. The harvest includes for example high-quality oranges, Sharon fruits, and grapefruits.

Sustainable business practices

As a 100% organic company, sustainable business practices have always been ingrained in the DNA of Lehmann Natur. The group fully aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on resilient agriculture, corporate carbon footprint, extended residue monitoring, ethical conduct via BSCI Codex for supply chain improvements.

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