Kazakhstan enters banana market

Thu 24/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Kazakhstan is seeking to become a player in the banana market, opening industrial-scale cultivation for the first time, as reported by the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. The banana plantations are located in the Turkestan Region (southern Kazakhstan).

“The Turkish company GenGroup Qazaqstan has established a 5.3-hectare greenhouse complex in the region with banana trees. The banana variety has been specifically developed and adapted for the climatic conditions of Kazakhstan. Shortly, the greenhouse will expand by another 5 hectares, allowing for the production of approximately 1,000 tons of bananas per year,” the ministry said.

The first harvest is planned to be collected in 6–8 months. Besides bananas, tomatoes and strawberries will also be grown in the greenhouses.

“The initial phase of the project costs 4 million dollars. During the construction, the Turkish company used high-strength structures, and the greenhouses are equipped with climate control and adaptive feeding systems, enabling the plants to fully unleash their genetic potential even in the most adverse weather conditions,” said the Ministry of Agriculture.


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