Java Fresh, “All year all natural” quality exotic fruits from Indonesia

Wed 21/06/2023 by María Belén Barbini

Java Fresh is an export company focusing on the development of Indonesian tropical fruit such as mangosteen, salak, coconut and kaffir lime. The company’s revenues for the first quarter of the year showed a 159% YoY growth compared to Q1 2023. “We have high hopes that with the support of all of our stakeholders and clients, we can keep the positive traction throughout the year,” said Swasti Karim, co-founder of Java Fresh.

In terms of expanding markets, the company is aiming to increase its presence in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and also China. However, the growing demand for a variety of exotic fruits in Western European market is also very exciting.  Regarding the products that the company markets, Karim said: “The mangosteen is still Java Fresh’s queen of fruits, accounting for 61% of the total assortment. However, we see some interesting demand spikes for other exotics like sweet pineapple, red dragon fruit, gedong gincu mango, and salak. The pandemic seems to have intensified people’s curiosity in different exotic fruits from Indonesia.”

Java Fresh is always focused on serving the B2B market and working with prominent exotic fruits importers and wholesalers around the globe. The company is excited to expand into Eastern European countries such as Lithuania, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. It is also actively expanding in the Middle East and Central Asia this year, including in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Uzbekistan and Bahrain.

Java Fresh is currently enhancing its cold chain system and strengthening its research & development team to provide the world with “all year all natural” quality exotic fruits that have a long shelf life to support its customers.

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