Italian melon production drops by 25%

Italy is set to see its melon production area shrink by around 20-25%. The harvest in southern Italy appears to be delayed, probably by about ten days. On the watermelon front, there are likely to be lower volumes of traditional varieties with large dimensions, while the ‘midi’ and black varieties should remain almost unchanged.
Wed 31/08/2022 by by Gabriele Orsi
President of Agricola Don Camillo, Ettore Cagna,expects a great Lelis melon campaign.
The new Antonio Francescon - Riserva del Fondatore premium melon by Mantuafruit
O.P. Campidanese sales manager Salvatore Lotta is pleased with the ongoing success of Corallo.
Andrea Peviani from Peviani, Alessio Orlandi and Margherita Avigni from Mantuafruit, Saverio Fuccillo from Peviani and their staff

EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-Mantuafruit.jpg” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ29508096C” title=”EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-Mantuafruit.jpgMantuafruit presents Antonio Francescon premium melon

Mantuafruit has launched a brand-new premium netted melon: “We have created Antonio Francescon – Selezione del Fondatore, a line of premium netted melon grown only in suitable soils and from specific varieties. It will be a vintage melon, with each item numbered and presented in elegant cardboard packaging sealed with a wax stamp. For now, the fruit is destined for the Italian market but it is also designed for other affluent markets,” said marketing manager Alessio Orlandi. Mantuafruit is the new AOP that brings together OP Francescon and OP Guidizzolo to provide greater economies of scale in the Mantua area and guarantee a quality product in competitive conditions.

EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-Perla-Nera.JPG” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ29508137C” title=”EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-Perla-Nera.JPGPerla Nera focuses on market segmentation of seedless watermelons

Perla Nera is delighted with the success of its seedless watermelon project and aims to increase segmentation: “To allow year-round production, Perla Nera is grown in a variety of regions from northern to southern Italy, as well as in Spain and Senegal. At the moment, we have 550 ha cultivated and we aim to intensify our market segmentation,” said Alessio Orlandi and Andrea Peviani, commercial managers of Mantuafruit and Peviani respectively. With over 100 producers involved in the project, Perla Nera adds value to a product that has a higher sugar content than other watermelons.

EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-Agricola-Don-Camillo.JPG” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ29508195C” title=”EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-Agricola-Don-Camillo.JPGAgricola Don Camillo reports a positive year for the Lelis melon

Agricola Don Camillo expects a rather positive 2022 melon campaign in terms of prices thanks to the considerable fall in production estimates. “At Don Camillo, we continue to focus on Lelis, our smooth melon with a particularly sweet flavour that we process in our factories of Ispica, Massafra and Brescello. We combine this with our counter-season production in Honduras to complete the calendar and guarantee year-round supply,” said the firm’s president, Ettore Cagna. Alongside melon, the Camilla watermelon project continues, which was designed to satisfy consumers looking for a tasty, small-sized product.

EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-OP-Campidanese.JPG” style=”” swyp_id=”LQ29508199C” title=”EFD179_PROD_MELON_ITALY_LEADERS_LEV3-OP-Campidanese.JPGO.P. Campidanese increases volumes of seedless watermelon

O.P. Campidanese continues to develop its range of seedless watermelons and mini-watermelons: “We are hoping for a hot year to boost consumption of Gavina, our highly sought-after mini-watermelon with a light skin and a maximum size of 2.5 kg that seduces foreign markets with its high Brix level and excellent shelf life. We also have Eleonora, the dark-skinned Sugar Baby seedless watermelon with sizes of 4-6 kg,” said sales manager Salvatore Lotta. As for melons, O.P. Campidanese is reaping the success of Corallo, the premium Piel de Sapo netted melon that tastes similar to a Charentais melon.

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