IOM 2023 highlights falling onion consumption 

Thu 21/12/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The Third International Onion Meeting took place at the start of November at the Albacete Conference Centre in Spain, in a region that leads onion production at a European level. Organised by PROCECAM, producers and experts from numerous countries discussed the current challenges facing the sector. 

Emiliano Castillo, president of the Association of Onion Producers of Castilla La Mancha, PROCECAM, said: “Onion is the third most consumed crop in the world and we have a great responsibility.” That commitment is reflected in the PGI recognition that the La Mancha onion has obtained this year.

Alfonso Tarazona, president of the Spanish Association of Onion Growers-Exporters (ACEC), analysed the difficult situation of Spanish onion production: “Over the years there has been a decrease in production caused by climate change and various socioeconomic problems such as inflation, lack of labour and poor generational change. This reduction has not only manifested itself in productivity, it has also occurred in exports. The countries where the decrease has been observed the most have been Germany and the United Kingdom. But others such as the United States, Brazil and the UAE are gaining strength. Previously, in a normal year, 7kg of onion was consumed per person but it now has fallen to 6kg.”


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