International B2B meetings with supermarkets in Italy

Buyers from the leading retailers will meet with suppliers in northern Italy.
Tue 31/01/2023 by Gabriele Orsi

Already, 10 buyers from 6 different countries and 10 leading supermarket chains have confirmed their participation at the “International B2B meetings with large-scale retailers” to be held by Fresh Food Leader on 26th January 2023.

The event will take place over one day in the form of B2B meetings with the aim of helping establish direct relationships between retailers and producers. All meetings will be one-to-one.

This is the fourth edition of international B2B meetings and the first located in Italy, in order to engage with Italian supermarkets and create new opportunities for foreign and Italian companies wishing to grow.

Fruit and vegetable buyers of supermarkets will be provided with a meeting-desk, where they will hold appointments with participating producers and growing companies. The number of participants will be limited so that one-to-one meetings among all the present producers and buyers can be guaranteed. Participants are fruit and vegetable buyers from large-scale retail chains and producers and growing companies that wish to acquire new clients directly, without intermediaries.

Buyers from international supermarket chains usually attend these meetings in order to meet their growing needs as they expand their points of sales. But retailers that already have a consolidated market position are increasingly oriented to buying directly from producers in order to shorten their supply chains. Moreover, buyers like this type of event because it helps them to be more efficient. They are sat at their individual meeting-tables and wait for producers to come and present their offerings, rather than going in search of them, as is the case at traditional fairs. Meetings will take place in a productive business atmosphere.

Both producers and buyers appreciate these opportunities as they enable trust to be built between both parties, who can get to know each other’s expectations. Foreign buyers will stay for three days to seize the opportunity to visit production sites during their stay in Italy.

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