Hungary seeks EU support for kiwi and fig production

Mon 05/11/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Hungary seeks EU support for kiwi and fig production

The Hungarian government has sought support from the EU to produce kiwi and fig, according to the Ministry of Agriculture’s official site. Hungary has continental climate, meaning cold winters and very hot summers. Due to global warming, the south of the country is now closer to a Mediterranean climate and production of tropical fruits is becoming viable with the support of new technologies.

“Having assessed one of the largest kiwi plantations of the country, the ministry sees a real opportunity in kiwi and fig farming in Hungary, and initiated the expansion of production-linked hectare support at the EC,” the statement said. “In addition, the development of the professional conditions for planting these fruit types has also begun to allow the possibility for the support of plantation as well.”

According to the plans, if EU assistance is granted, Hungarian farmers would be eligible for kiwi and fig production support as of 2019.

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