High hopes for India’s apple and grape campaigns

Tue 21/11/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The forecasts are positive for India’s 2023/2024 (July-June) apple production, with the volume set to reach 2.41 million tons in anticipation of favourable weather conditions in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Pear production is projected to total 312,500 tons, according to FAS Delhi estimates. The 2022/2023 witnessed severe weather, flash floods, and landslides that hit Himachal Pradesh’s apple orchards. Jammu and Kashmir experienced similar production disruptions. Apple and pear imports in the 2023/24 campaign are forecast at 410,000 tons and 35,500 tons, respectively. Imported apples enjoy a separate market compared to domestic produce due to better shelf life, fruit quality, and a premium price. With India’s lifting of its retaliatory tariff on US origin apples, Washington State apples are set to rebuild their Indian market share. Meanwhile, 2023/2024 grape production is expected to increase by over three percent to 2.95 million tons thanks to favourable growing conditions, with sufficient rainfall.


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