Hail storms cause €43 million in damage to Valencia crops

Wed 04/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The Unió Llauradora reports that storms accompanied by rain, hail and wind affected a radius of more than 22,000 hectares of crops in the Valencia region, leading to estimated losses of more than €43 million.

The damage is mainly centred in the regions of Utiel-Requena and Camp de Túria, although it is also observed in Ribera Alta, Ribera Baixa, Camp de Morvedre, La Serranía, La Costera.

The main crop affected is citrus with 43% of the losses, followed by persimmon with 20% and wine grapes with 16%. Fortunately, a third of the grapes in the affected area in Requena had already been harvested, so the damage was less. Other crops affected are olive groves (10%), ornamentals and nurseries (8%) and vegetables (7%).


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