Good times await Australia’s berry sector

Thu 15/02/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

The Australian berry sector sees a world of opportunities awaiting it. Indeed, berries have become the largest value category in Australian supermarkets, and around 97% of berries consumed in Australia are domestically produced. Meanwhile, Australian blueberries are set to gain access to the Chinese market, meaning the chance to capture a portion of the global market. This is particularly true in the case of China, where demand for blueberries is growing at an annual rate of 20%, but the Chinese blueberry industry is only growing at 12%.

Australia’s main rival is Chile, but Australia’s healthy, clean image may give it the edge.  “Quality is what we build our reputation on and that’s why people keep coming back. We know what people are after and quality is it. We know there’s a surplus supply in September October and that’s when we can tell, because other brands will suffer,” said Mountain Blue’s marketing manager, Josh McGuinness.


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