Global Women Fresh prepares 5-Year business plan

Wed 20/05/2020
Global Women Fresh prepares 5-Year business plan

GWF has invested in a digital platform to help manage its global community better and foster the right marketing/branding tone for the organisation. Co-founder Julie Escobar said, “Our main goal continues to be to create the #1 global platform for women in the Ag Business. This digital platform is thanks to the incredible support and guidance of Natalie Shuman and Danielle Loustalot, all Pro-Bono.”

Meanwhile, GWF is collaborating with the UN on the international trade initiative ‘She Trades’. “We have managed to offer a set of webinars to the SHE TRADES community. We have impacted more than 200 small businesses owned by women in Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria). The content of the webinars was so incredibly effective that the UN asked us to share them with other industries beyond agriculture (tourism, textiles, IT, etc.),” said Escobar. 

As if that were not enough to be getting along with, the GWF has also entered into a partnership with Global Rights for Women ( “The global cases of domestic violence against women have increased dramatically during COVID-19. Unfortunately the future outlook does not look very positive. We are in the process of developing a high-level webinar in conjunction with GRW and some top speakers and global legislators around this topic. Our goal is to invite you all to be part of this webinar and for you to pass this invitation to whomever you think it is appropriate, such as executives within your organisation(especially in HR), other executives within the industry, women and men within or outside of your own organisation. Our goal is to fill the webinar with 1,000 people within the industry. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!” said Escobar.

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