Giropoma working on consolidating its markets

Wed 22/06/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
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Giropoma, a company that produces and sells apples, currently owns about 700 hectares located in Girona, Catalonia. The company is dedicated solely to growing apples in all their varieties. Today they have 32 producers and a board with 10 representatives to market the product. Their markets are mainly in the UK, Portugal, Colombia and the Middle East, and they are consolidating the Israeli market. Jordi Torroella, head of sales, said:

“Our goal is to retain the markets and this is a very important point that is worked on from day to day.”

Giropoma is growing with its produce and sales year after year. This season, they expect a result of 29 thousand tons, which is 2,000 tons more than the previous season.

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