France to end Moroccan tomato imports 

Mon 27/04/2020
France to end Moroccan tomato imports 


The current pandemic has led to shifting consumption patterns, with increased demand for staple, non-perishable foods and citrus fruits, according to a report by intelligence firm Tridge. Perishable food products such as fresh vegetables have registered a drop in demand.

The perceived health properties of citrus fruits and by-products like orange juice have driven demand, with futures for orange juice jumping 22% in March, the highest monthly gain since October 2015.

The slow-down of panic buying and increased logistics costs have led to a dramatic drop in tomato imports to the EU from Morocco, with 80% of the producers in the major trading hub Souss suspending shipments. At the same time, EU countries are encouraging purchases of local food products. Morocco’s main market France has decided to suspend imports from Morocco once the current contract amount ends.


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