Expoalimentaria generates US$540 million worth of business

The fifteenth edition of the Expoalimentaria fair in Peru generated business expectations of US$540 million, and if only food is considered, the amount is US$305 million, equivalent to 3.4% of Peru’s total agro-exports projected for 2023, said the president of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Julio Pérez Alván.
Tue 31/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson
Expoalimentaria 2023 inauguration

During the closing ceremony of the event, he detailed that 2,600 business meetings were held, 1,600 more than in the 2022 edition (1,000) and 580 exhibitors, both national and foreign, were present. Likewise, more than 20 thousand visitors were received, of which 1,200 were from abroad.

“The study carried out by the company Perfiles y Consumidores indicated that 97% of the exhibitors have confirmed their presence at the next edition. With these results it is evident that the fair is a key event in the growth of the food sector,” he said.

After announcing that Expoalimentaria 2024 will be held from September 25 to 27 at the Jockey Exhibition Center, Pérez Alván said that they must work together to achieve the recovery of agro-exports and the Peruvian economy. Pérez Alván suggested developing native products such as potatoes, maca, kiwicha, caigua, giant corn, achiote sacha inchi, camu camu, aguaymanto, cat’s claw, sangria de grade, soursop, cherimoya, chancapiedra, molle, cocona, and tarwi, which benefit small producers in the mountains and jungle.

In the same way, he recommended having germplasm banks, researching the improvement of agronomic management, nutritional properties and carrying out promotional campaigns in international markets. Likewise, promote the export of the regions (squash, melon, tomato, vanilla bean), that is, lay the foundations for the new agro-export offer.


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