Europe’s apple stocks rise while pears stocks slump

Mon 07/02/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association) has released the first apple and pear stock figures of 2022. The figures show that in Europe’s apple stocks increased by 5.1% compared to 2021 to reach 4.3 million tons, while pear stocks decreased by 18.2% to 662,000 tons, mostly because of the large decrease in Italy. In the US, apple stocks as of 1 January 2022 stood at 1.67 million tons (-2.7% compared to 2021), while pear stocks reached 190,192 tons (24.8% above 2021). 

The increase in European apple stocks was mainly driven by Golden Delicious (up 19.5% from 2021), Jonagold (+15.8%), and Gala (+15.7%), which compensated for the decrease in several varieties, most notably Granny Smith (-12.5%) and Cripps Pink (-11%). Pear stocks were down 

In the US, the fall in apple stocks in January was mainly due to a decrease among the largest varieties, such as Fuji (-19.6%), Honeycrisp (-15.5%), Red Delicious (12.5%), and Gala (-8.3%), and despite significant increases for Cosmic Crisp (+147%) and Pink Lady (+17.4%).

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