Earth & Wheat launches wonky fruit box

Mon 07/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Wonky and surplus food brand Earth & Wheat has declared ‘war on fruit waste’ and entered the market with a new Variety Fruit Box. The 5kg box, launched on 1 August, includes fresh fruit such as apples, pears, oranges, satsumas, melons, passion fruit, kiwis, mangoes, and nectarines.

Earth & Wheat rescues wonky but good-quality surplus food at the point of production from fruit growers and suppliers around the UK. These businesses are regularly forced to waste fruit due to its odd shape, size, colour or cosmetic specifications, which do not meet retailers’ strict standards.

The UK wastes 1.9 million tons of food and drink per year, 1.1 million tons of which is avoidable, worth £1.9 billion. Fresh fruit and vegetables represent around 11 per cent alone of this total, equating to 100,000 tons.

Earth & Wheat launched in 2021 with the world’s first ‘wonky bread’ box before introducing a ‘wonky veg’ box, followed by a wide range of artisan and patisserie and plant-based bread boxes.


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