Daltex targets exports of 240,000 tons this season

Fri 10/06/2022 by Pierre Escodo 

“Our objective is to achieve 240,000 tons of shipments this season,” said Hesham El Naggar, Daltex CEO. The firm remains the leading exporter of fresh potatoes with 130,000 tons in 2021, compared to 110,000 tons in 2020 and 200,000 tons in 2019. Daltex also exported a total of 190,000 tons of fruit in 2021 and plans to export 20,000 tons of organics this season, mainly potatoes. The firm’s production mainly takes place on its two desert farms, in the Falafra Oasis (9,700 ha) and in Ewinat (7,000 ha). “Our priority is now to increase the efficiency of our existing land due to the rising production costs,” said El Naggar. Daltex has invested in technology for more sustainable farming, such as solar power panels for the pumps and water measurement tools. Since 2019, Daltex has also invested heavily in new varieties of grapes and seedless citrus, and has 14 ha of new varieties of grapes licensed by Sun World, SNFL and Grapa.

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