CPMA Convention & Trade Show 2020 looking to ‘push flavours’ 

Tue 25/02/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
CPMA Convention & Trade Show 2020 looking to ‘push flavours’ 

The largest fresh produce event in the Canadian industry, the CPMA’s Annual Convention & Trade Show, provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders to enhance existing relationships and develop new business opportunities in Canada. After the successful 2019 edition, with over 300 exhibiting companies and 3,400 visitors from 27 countries, the 95th CMPA Convention & Trade Show will take place in Toronto from May 12th to May 14th 2020.

“We want to focus on what companies can do to push flavour further. We want to show what innovations are out there; we know that packaging is going to play a big role, with alternatives and new solutions to meet consumers’ expectations coming forward. The event is about the community. Individual companies can be very successful on their own, but competition is a positive thing. Bringing the global community together in Canada is fundamental to driving that competition and making everyone successful,” said Ron Lemaire, president of the CPMA.

The Canadian market continues to expand, with growth in organics, convenience offerings, and changes in package sizes to address seniors and aging demographics, but what is more exciting, according to Lemaire, is the country’s cultural mosaic which is really driving demand for a wide range of global products.

“That is truly driven by the Canadian consumers, who travel and bring back home what they love. They are global consumers looking for flavour. Thee three keys to appeal to the Canadian consumer are price, quality and freshness,” said Lemaire.


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