Covirán ramps up scheme offering sustainable alternatives to plastic

Thu 14/07/2022 by Covirán - Translation by Richard Wilkinson

In recent years, Spanish retailer Covirán has made a qualitative leap in the fight against the use of plastic in supermarkets. Even before the new Spanish law on waste and contaminated soil came into force, Covirán had already adopted measures to eliminate single-use plastic items, focusing efforts on the use of more sustainable bags and packaging for food.

On the occasion of the International Day Free of Plastic Bags on July 3, Covirán called for responsibility in caring for the environment, adopting dissuasive measures and launching alternatives to solve the serious problem of contamination.

Covirán supermarkets have been a reference for more than a decade in the use of raffia bags from the ‘The art of buying’ collection, with stamps representing different cities, and for years customers have been offered organic paper bags reusable and breathable mesh in which to carry their fruit and vegetables.

In the process of gradually reducing and eliminating bags and other types of plastic packaging, the members of the cooperative have played an important role, without which, in the opinion of the president of Covirán, Patro Contreras, “it would not have been possible to gradually change our habits to focus on the care and preservation of the environment. We are facing a very serious problem, but the work carried out in these years is beginning to bear fruit, there is greater awareness of the environmental problem on the part of partner members, employees, consumers and producers.”


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