CoolTech 2022 focuses on innovation and data sharing in logistics

Mon 04/07/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Cool Logistics and Port of Rotterdam hosted CoolTech 2022 in Rotterdam on 21 and 22 June, where speakers analysed the current landscape in cool logistics, and put forward ideas on what needs to change to drive the industry forward. There was a consensus that data sharing, rather than keeping data for oneself, is key to enable systems to communicate and allow everyone to ultimately benefit. This will require investments by shipping lines, who have greatly profited in recent times.

Sun Intermodal president Mark Bennet spoke about the innovations required in reefer containers. 

“When it comes to insulated containers, really they’ve been unchanged for 25 years. And if we’re honest, no change has happened closer to 50 years.” 

Bennet argued for reducing power consumption to reduce costs as well as using thicker insulation.

Raoul Tan, director of Naviporta at the Port of Rotterdam, described how ports can be digitalised, referring to the firm’s Noviporta system which facilitates imports and exports. 

“This system provides all needed documentation to export to the UK, and removes the paper, hassle and actually quite some of the costs. Effectively, we’re creating a fast lane to deal with all the issues that Brexit has created.”

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