Certis Belchim signs partnership with Clever BioScience

Certis Belchim has announced a new development agreement with Italian bio specialist Clever BioScience.
Thu 14/09/2023 by Pierre Escodo

Clever develops and delivers innovative biological products for use in agriculture, cosmetics, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets, based on biochemistry, micro- and molecular-biological techniques, with low environmental impact. Certis Belchim has obtained exclusive rights to take advantage of Clever’s technology to develop unique natural peptides produced by plants for the control of plant diseases in agriculture, amenity and home & garden markets globally.

To biorationals based on natural peptides

The partnership will work on the development of Biorational solutions for specific target diseases, in response to market needs. Clever will also be involved in formulation developments and provide registration support to Certis Belchim, as required. Jan Mostert, Head of Biorational Projects in Certis Belchim, welcomed the agreement:

“The research techniques employed by Clever BioScience for the discovery and development of innovative plant protection products offer exciting possibilities to support the expansion of the Certis Belchim portfolio of Biorational products in an efficient and targeted way. We look forward to working on new products and formulations with Clever’s highly skilled team of experts to meet the demands of our market.” 

Giorgio Freschi, CEO and founder of Clever BioScience, is confident of the contribution his team can make to the Certis Belchim product portfolio: “Our vision, to create value from research and innovation, offering green and sustainable solutions with low impact of the industrial process on the environment, fully fits with Certis Belchim’s Biorational concept and we are delighted to have this opportunity for scientific progress together.”

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