Calls for citrus fruits to be classified ‘at risk of plague

Mon 13/11/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
CITRICOS generica

Spanish political party from Valencia, La Unión, has demanded that citrus fruits be added to the list of crops at risk of plague covered by Artícle 42 of EU regulation 2016/2031. Despite the severe risks facing the crop, it is still not currently considered ‘at risk’. The request comes at a time when larger volumes of imported citrus fruits are arriving from countries with severe risk levels. The demand was also  made that South Africa carry out cold treatments to guarantee quality levels and eliminate the Thaumatotibia leucotreta moth Likewise, there is a call for a common set of criteria to govern border inspections or reciprocity in negotiating standards required of third countries in terms of phytosanitary controls, labour rights, and

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