CAAE certification opens way for Spanish exports of organics to China

Mon 24/07/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Spain’s CAAE certification entity has signed an agreement with China’s Organic Food Development and Certification Centre (OFDC) that opens the way for the export of organic products to the Asian country.

CAAE has pointed out that the organic market in China has experienced significant growth in the last 15 years, to become the fourth world economy in the consumption of organic products, worth over €11.3bn.

In this sense, the agreement reached will allow the export of this type of product to one of the largest world markets, where the guarantee of traceability and the naturalness of the product weigh heavily. The emergence of a Chinese middle class has also boosted its consumption, especially among young people, who are concerned about their health, according to sources from the certifying entity.

CAAE internationally certifies organic products such as olive oil, avocado and pistachio, while OFDC is a specialised certification body, registered with the China National Authority (CNCA) and accredited both nationally (CNAS) and international (Ifoam).


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