Bumper citrus crop boosts Chile’s exports

Tue 13/06/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Chile’s 2022/23 lemon crop is estimated to increase by 26.4% to 172,000 tons, due to favourable climatic conditions. According to FAS Santiago data, lemon exports will increase by 33.9% to 75,000 tons due to higher production and a decrease in freight costs. Likewise, the 2022/23 orange crop will increase by 6.1% and exports will rise by 4.7%, totalling 174,000 tons and 90,000 tons, respectively. In 2022/23, mandarin production will increase by 26.5% to 215,000 tons, based on an increase in yields and new orchards coming online. Mandarin exports will total 180,000 tons. In March 2023, Chile gained market access to Mexico to export lemons, clementines, and mandarins using an enhanced inspection system instead of methyl bromide fumigation.


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