Bonnysa striving for excellence in the fresh food industry

Thu 26/10/2023 by María Belén Barbini

Bonnysa, a leader in Spain and Europe in the production and marketing of vegetables, fruits and innovative foods, boasts a wide range of fresh and convenience range products. The company, founded in 1956, is renowned for its original product: tomatoes. Today, the firm has specialised in producing varieties with high added value. Instead of focusing on exotic varieties, it seeks to offer tomatoes with an intense flavour to satisfy the everyday needs of consumers.

But the Alicante company is about much more than tomatoes. It also produces papaya in Tenerife, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to quality and sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint and offering a premium product ripened on the plant. Its recent production of extra-sweet grapes is also notable, with expansion into global markets.

Innovation is key for Bonnysa, with convenience products such as fresh grated tomatoes, dried tomatoes, guacamoles and other vegetable spreads in one of the one of the largest portfolios of fruit and vegetable companies. This extensive range underlines Bonnysa’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the constant development of fresh and healthy products.

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